Voice Logging Tape Conversion

The archiving of voice calls, such as those recorded from broker-dealer that traded securities or busy call centers that handled highly regulated information, were previously extensively backed up onto backup tapes. Additionally, the tapes most commonly used were not particularly robust enterprise level tape systems, at that. The systems commonly included a central server that managed and recorded multiple voice channels, with phone calls being backed up in a multiplexed fashion onto tape. It is not uncommon to have hundreds of thousands of calls recorded onto these tapes. The central system would typically match the user that was logged in to a particular voice channel to a corresponding phone call backed up on tape. 

More modern management of voice calls use formats like .WAV files, which can be digitally indexed and searched, using sophisticated speech recognition software that employs fast and flexible search techniques.

The legacy voice recording systems are often no longer supported, and IT staff are faced  the challenging task of providing voice calls for a specific individual for a specific time period, and have no means to either find or produce the calls as a .WAV file for the requestor.

S2|DATA’s role is to do exactly that. We handle voice logging tapes from legacy systems, such NICE and Verint Systems. We match call records to original users, decompress the voice calls, extract metadata from the call files, including trailer and footer logs, in addition to determining and removing silent periods, and convert the original file into a format that is universally handled by review platforms such as .WAV files. We can offer: 

  • Services for restoration of specific target calls
  • Management of the legacy systems
  • Creation of a fast accessed new system with all calls producible at the click of a button

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