Departing Employee Defense

Proactive data collection, preservation & early insight of portable data

Departing Employee Defense is an on-demand, subscription-based offering which includes the forensic collection of portable data devices and lifecycle retention management for preserving legal-hold data to ensure legal-hold compliance and business continuity. The hosting of relevant metadata in S2|DATA’s platform, Invenire, enables fast early case assessment and storage of evidence for future use. For organizations that want to be proactive in collecting and preserving potential legal-hold data from departing employees, Departing Employee Defense provides a turn-key defensible process.

  • The off-boarding process and portable data preservation is uniform and documented company-wide.
  • The program provides a low cost for archiving of forensic images, end easy remediation when required.
  • Invenire, our metadata only SaaS technology, provides the ability to quickly determine employment case or internal investigation direction easily
  • The immediate redeployment of portable devices provide cost reductions not previously possible

Forensic and Dispute Practices:

S2|DATA offer a comprehensive suite of forensic and dispute practice services, including forensic examination, investigations, disputes, data and cell phone collection, expert testimony, the preservation of evidence, spoliation avoidance and detection, and the analysis of computer network servers, including database servers.

When it comes to Departing Employee Defense and providing the most innovative, best-of-breed data preservation services and options, S2|DATA offers what your enterprise needs, and we can help you achieve compliance and sleep easier at night.