What We Do

Our forensic experts increase the efficiency and accuracy of the digital forensic investigation process, without altering or compromising fragile digital information and risking defensibility.

  • Mobile devices collections
  • Cloud-based collections
  • Remote or on-premise collections
  • Investigation, analysis, testimony
  • Expert examiner

Using industry workhorse tools such as Relativity Nuix and Intella, along with in-house developed tools such as LEAR, Invenire Early Case Assessment, we will collaborate with your case team for the perfect approach.

  • Consulting & expert project management
  • Early case assessment
  • Indexing
  • Data processing
  • Filtering
  • Analysis
  • Hosting
  • Analytics
  • Production
  • Review

Data restoration from back up environments requires knowledge of backup software, tape formats, and even application data itself. Our 30 years of engineering experience have resulted in mastery of all the necessary skills. Our ongoing development for solutions in data repositories have amassed us an extensive database capable of emulating all back-up environments.

  • Advanced data & voice logger restoration
  • Backup tape restoration
  • Customized services
  • Voice, analog & data backup recovery
  • Email archives
  • Exchange & lotus notes