Off-Site Data Storage

The HAVs – High Availability Vault

When you move your corporate data assets offsite for storage, do you want them stored in a warehouse or in a steel and concrete encased bank vault? S2|Data believes that secure storage should be just that, and warehouse storage just isn’t good enough!

S2|DATA has two high security, former bank vaults in Atlanta, GA situated on a 3-acre razor wire protected campus in extremely close proximity to fire and police protection.  Security isn’t just a buzzword, it is literally built into the foundation of our facilities.

As a forensic and data restoration company that serves the legal and compliance market space, often discovering data for use in litigation cases there were common processes that occurred:

  • The Legal team requests the investigation of data 
  • IT Operations instructs their off-site service provider to collect the required media 
  • The media is transported to S2|DATA, where upon receipt a chain of custody documentation is reconciled against a pick list 
  • S2|DATA performs the restoration & discovery work 
  • Upon completion the process goes into reverse 

The client was often subject to the following problems:

  • Depending upon quantity of media it sometimes took weeks to get to the S2|Data lab for work
  • The media list sometimes didn’t reconcile with the pick list provided
  • Transportation provided further risk of data theft, delay or even loss

To many of our clients the solution to reducing these risks was obvious: vault these data assets with S|2 Data! Knowing there was a possibility of further discoveries in the future, removing the risk associated with transportation, logistics, storage and production was a top priority.  S2|Data’s High Availability Vault provides the means of storage and production of data in one location.

The complete offering enables us to exceed performance of any combination of separate vendors and allows us to achieve two of our three guiding tenets of

A Faster Time To Data

Eliminate Cost & Risk

Our Off-Site Storage facilities offer secure storage for: 

  • Tape Cartridges
    • In secured bins
    • In Slotted Storage (Gemtrac)
  • Hard Disk, SSD & Other Media
    • Internal/External
    • RAID Arrays
    • SSD/Thumbs
  • Laptop/PC/Servers
  • Smartphones/Tablets
  • Complete backup Infrastructure
    • Disaster Recovery Systems
    • Emulated Environments/VMs
  • Bankers Boxes

Our Security features include

  • Isolation from any other business
  • 9 feet razor wired perimeter
  • 18” Concrete & Steel facility with no windows
  • Mosler Steel Vaults
  • 2 Key Lockboxes 
  • Biometric Access requirements external entrance and internal movement
  • CCTV – Long Term Recording
  • Alarm System with Contracted Response
  • Fire Station 100 yards from the operation

And when it’s time for your assets to permanently retire we have Shredding, Degaussing and Other Data Destruction Operations within the campus

Contact us to discuss with an expert how we might help with your vaulting needs.