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Author: Maribel Rivera

Departed Employee Program

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Breaking up is hard to do given the increase in short-term relationships with employees. Companies are now experiencing aspects of employee turnover that can be messy. Specifically, we are talking about the data mess that needs to be cleaned up after breaking up with an employee. “As employees’ transition, lawsuits between companies, lost business opportunities,…
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Sandpiper Partners' 5th Annual Conference

Sandpiper Partners’ 5th Annual Conference: 3 Key Takeaways

SullivanStrickler had the pleasure of attending Sandpiper Partners’ fifth annual conference “New Directions in Disruption and Innovation in the Delivery of Legal Services” in New York City last week. The conference featured 20 speakers well-versed in the legal industry who provided insight on adjusting to new practices within the legal world. Keeping up with industry…
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Unstructured Data Episode 3

Unstructured Data – Episode 3

Video Interview with Chris Dale Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project interviewed Brendan Sullivan, CEO of SullivanStrickler and Fred Moore, President of Horison Information Strategies, Inc. this past summer. Over the course of three interviews, they cover the growing problem of managing legacy data and the increasing expectation that organizations comprehend what data they…
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Director of UK Operations

New Director of UK Operations Announcement

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Elaine Brophy as our Director of UK Operations. In her new role, Elaine will lead our strategic initiatives and operations from our European headquarters in London. Elaine brings a career of impressive results as a leader in the data management field with over 24 years at Iron Mountain.…
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