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Our History

SullivanStrickler LLC exists to solve the most pressing challenges corporations have with their archived and legacy data. Retention, discovery/disclosure, data privacy, regulatory, compliance and remediation requirements have left their mark on the data created and backed up over the last 30 years. We create solutions that enable corporations to solve all these issues and plan so that they do not find themselves in this position, once again.

SullivanStrickler was formed in 2013 by Shawn Strickler and Brendan Sullivan, with the recognition that most corporations were experiencing legacy data issues without an understanding of what to do about them. Mr. Strickler comes from a background in software development and design and spent his early business years at Andersen Consulting (presently known as Accenture) and Oracle Corporation. Mr. Sullivan comes from a background in Electronics & Telecommunications. Mr. Sullivan ran Anacomp Magnetics EMEA in the late 90’s, part of a then Fortune 500 Company, before moving to the US to lead the division’s $100m annual worldwide sales effort. At the same time, Mr. Strickler was working at different tech start-ups and early stage venture opportunities.

The two founders met in 2003 when Mr. Sullivan assumed the reigns as CEO of eMag Solutions and transitioned the company from a backup tape manufacturer to a tape and data services organization targeting the legal industry. Mr. Strickler was appointed as VP of Business Development and over the next several years they developed an industry reputation as the “go to” place for discovering data from backup tape environments. They both parted with eMag Solutions in 2011, each having the desire to exert more control of their professional and creative destiny. They joined forces again two years later to form SullivanStrickler.

The sum of their collective experiences in the world of backup and archive are deeply technical, business based, and used to support legal- and compliance-based requirements. The core backup and storage technologies and skills, though evolving all the time, have not fundamentally changed. What has changed is the application of those technologies to solve an increasing global problem for all corporations; that of data security, privacy, usability, access and availability. SullivanStrickler sets about the application of format cracking and software engineering skills and knowledge to “Providing Access to the World’s Legacy Data.” This is achieved through a blending of key skills in understanding backed up data applications, tape and other medias, the core guidelines of emerging data privacy regulations such as GDPR, secure vaulted environments and the cloud.