Finding the needle in the haystack! Finding the one-in-a-million! Finding the smoking gun! Finding the <insert expression here to describe searching for what is actually relevant>!

When it comes to finding data, we have heard just about every expression pertaining to the desired end result, but few expressions actually deal with the issues surrounding the searching of data. Who doesn't want to find the needle in the haystack? Sometimes finding that needle takes longer and costs more than anticipated, or turns into searching for the right needle in a stack of needles.

At SullivanStrickler we are well versed in search technology and best practices, from the desktop level through to the enterprise level, including both structured and unstructured data sources. Whether a simple keyword search is warranted, or a complex technology assisted review (TAR) or predictive coding solution would be best, the experts at SullivanStrickler remain focused on meeting your objectives within your constraints without sacrificing capabilities and accurate results.

Should you have the need to search a CD, or an entire enterprise worth of data, please contact us for a consultation.

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