Restoration, Extraction & Culling

Finding the files you seek and only those files is what makes for the most efficient use of your financial resources, whether you are planning on recovery of important business documents, retiring legacy environments and only want to retain necessary data, or if you are responding to requests due to audits or legal demands. A sizable percentage of the time and cost associated with searching is locating relevant files. As is often the case, collection of a mass quantity of data is needed before the search process can reduce the data volume.

The technology and skills employed at SullivanStrickler have been developed or acquired with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. Several key parts of the process that are often overlooked are planning, questioning and just plain observation. Often we see the collection of data without any great intelligence applied to the process. By understanding in depth the ways IT departments have built storage infrastructures we are better suited to guide as to where to look first when data collection is needed, even if client’s current IT administration is not in a position to know.

SullivanStrickler has the tools and experience which can scan or index populations of data quickly, enabling a better understanding of the location of targeted data; additionally, we have the ability to perform pinpoint extractions of targeted files and custodians. By only moving relevant data to the desired repository means we have eliminated wasted expense.

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