Project Management

Project Management for discovery matters is widely regarded as one of the most important roles to get right, and one of the most difficult roles to hire the right people for. Many discovery vendors burn through Project Managers in their quest for the right candidate. Very often the candidate is thought of as being either not technical enough, not knowledgeable enough in the legal process, or not communicative enough. They have to tackle the legal staff in both corporation and law firm, the technical staff in their own firms, and they have to quickly appraise the type and level of communication that is sought, often by instinct. They also of course must be available at all times, and have the right answer. We understand the complexity and reasoning behind such an important job.

At SullivanStrickler we do not supply Project Management for discovery matters at the point of hosted review. We do supply Project Management at a strategic point where the data is initially being discussed as being potentially required. We believe that this stage is critically important to the resulting overall costs incurred for the matter and to provide the decision makers with a better understanding of the likely outcome from discovery. If the right data is targeted for collection, collected in the right way and culled appropriately then the amount of waste or junk data is reduced. If junk data is reduced to the minimum then the discovery and review costs are reduced, and better decisions will be made. Quite simply, get it right at this stage and you save big on the subsequent stages.

Any services engagement with SullivanStrickler will have Project Management conducted to a high standard, but we are also for hire. We can help with almost any kind of complex data acquisition projects, working with other vendors that might have been chosen, and hosted review companies that ultimately will be tasked with producing documents for the matter. It makes perfect sense to perform this part of the process well and we provide very competitive rates.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with early stage project matter management and strategizing for collection, acquisition, and culling of large data populations particularly in archived environments we would be very happy to hear from you.

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