The Process Of Working At A Client Site

The days of clients sending data to vendors to process is still very prevalent, but many companies have been burned by the decision to send out their corporate data to vendors. Loss or theft of data has often been in the headlines, whether it was the freight forwarders, or the vendors themselves, once the data has left the property of the company there is risk; and while chain of custody controls while force a more secure process, there is still risk.

Certain industry verticals which are heavily regulated have struggled with the balance of producing data evidence) for audit adherence and discovery in litigation matters while protecting their assets and adhering to their own internal or externally mandated risk avoidance policies. It is becoming just as cumbersome to send corporate data outside of the company than it might be to process the data itself.

Part of the solution can be to have the work performed at the company site, thereby overcoming much of the objections from Risk & Compliance, and of course making the process that much more secure. At SullivanStrickler we are well skilled in performing complex data production services at client locations, and, in some cases, building permanent infrastructure at the client location to dramatically speed up response and streamline the administrative requirement for each matter/job. To create such processes require knowledge of what the issues are and employ technologies that are trusted and portable with skilled people to match. While we recognize that each company is different and will require a certain level of customization, at SullivanStrickler we have a general template that can be adopted to enable fast, secure on site work be performed. This template includes:

  1. Chain of Custody documentation for use of SullivanStrickler personnel in handling client data
  2. Detailed work procedures for each operation
  3. Data purging procedures for any equipment employed before and after processing client data
  4. Performing background checks on employees used for projects
  5. Flexible work scheduling to fit in to the daily needs of the client
  6. Extensive quality system checklist to ensure that the client has what he/she needs at each stage
  7. Simple rolling billing estimates so the client has control over the budget project
  8. Rapid and easy to understand project quotes, as addendums to a broader MSA

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