SullivanStrickler Announce New Web Activity Capture Service

Atlanta, May 01, 2013 -- One of the keys to business success is the productivity of its employees. In this era of social networking and even March Madness employers risk paying their employees to entertain themselves with things unrelated to work. How do employers measure employee productivity on company time? The answer is often subjective, but one thing employers can do is learn which websites employees are visiting, when they are visiting them, and assess the impact to not only employee productivity, but also business risk.

SullivanStrickler are pleased to announce a new web activity capture service for corporations that want to discretely gain a comprehensive audit of their employees' internet surfing activity. The service includes capture of user activity from all major browser types and does not require any contact with individual workstations or staff. The reports are compiled with forensically tested software and the service requires a minimally obtrusive site visit to the server room. All subsequent analysis and reporting work is performed away from the client locations. For the exceptionally low flat rate of $75 per user/workstation, this service comes with a report that can be customized by the client depending on what they are trying to determine which is discussed at the time. The time from visit to report is typically less than five days.

Contact us here for more information on how this process works.