Expert Opinion

The days of clients sending data to vendors to process is still very prevalent, but many companies have been burned by the decision to send out their corporate data to vendors. Loss or theft of data has often been in the headlines, whether it was the freight forwarders, or the vendors themselves, once the data has left the property of the company there is risk; and while chain of custody controls while force a more secure process, there is still risk.

SullivanStrickler are legacy and archived data experts. The breadth and depth of our knowledge, particularly relating to tape, is second to none and covers decade of hardware and software formats. We have been involved in tape related development and application since 1985, including the development and manufacturing of tape technologies, including playing a part in the creation of industry standards. From an application perspective we have worked on all Operating systems that have employed tape, early mainframes, OS/400, all the major UNIX and Windows flavors and some really rare systems. We have knowledge and expertise in virtual tape environments through HSM environments and tape used as a back end of NDMP-enabled storage systems. We have worked extensively on software providers’ native applications and also in reverse engineering of those same providers’ backup applications to enable the contents of backup tapes to be restored and used as evidence in litigation. We also have experience in more recent variants related to the use of tape including different encryption methodologies.

This breadth and depth of experience places us as being extremely capable givers of opinion on whether certain legacy data could be deemed as being reasonably accessible, and therefore whether it should or should not be included in a matter as being discoverable. We can consult and advise with counsel accordingly and offer our expert opinions. We can assist you in a particular matter, or we can act in a project management capacity on a matter that has some complex data issues.

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