Email Extraction

Based on an informal survey of past projects, we surmise that greater than 95% of the projects upon which we have offered our services involve the reviewing and analyzing of email data. Email makes for great theatre in discovery circles because not only does it provide you with details about "what" was done, but it usually also details "why" and "how" the "what" was achieved.

Behind the scenes in the email management system, things are rarely as simple as moving message content from one computer or device to another. The complexities involved in modern email server applications can be extreme. Few enterprise email systems store data as a stand-alone mailbox (like Lotus Notes/Domino); most store message content, attachments, and metadata in a database or other containerized format which requires conversion from its native form into something more useful. For example, Microsoft Exchange email s are stored in a database, and in order to put the content into what we know as a mailbox container (Outlook PST file), the content must be extracted from the database.

The experts at SullivanStrickler are familiar with the most common email platforms and many of the lesser known platforms, as well. We can efficiently and effectively extract email mailboxes from email servers and place them into a format usable by most email clients, eDiscovery processing and review platforms, and email archiving platforms.

Should you have the need to extract email for any reason, please contact us so that we may assist in strategy formulation to ensure the solution meets your objectives.

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