Discovery Preparedness

The prospect of litigation in corporate America is practically inevitable in this day and age. Not just for major Financial Services firms or big Pharma, as small and medium sized firms can be and will be litigated against for a variety of reasons. The vast majority of firms, however, do not even hold litigation response as a budget line item or as a measured business process, yet the cost and time of litigation response can vary greatly depending upon how well the company is prepared. Sanctions, in many instances, can be more expensive for the company than preparation costs.

SullivanStrickler has years of experience helping companies defend themselves against litigation by supporting the production of discoverable material. As a result the speed and accuracy with which a can respond makes it significantly easier for their defense counsel to achieve favorable results.

SullivanStrickler provides an assessment service for small and medium sized companies which might not have a robust legal or records management department. We focus on four distinct areas within the company:

  1. The cost of response that is currently likely in the event of litigation. Both the hard costs of response and the soft costs of hidden inefficiency through lack of process or procedure in the daily management of information.
  2. The ability and ease of implementation of workable repeatable process and procedure to enable the company be permanently better prepared for litigation.
  3. Potential customer strategies that take a holistic approach in determining the better course of action for Discovery when confronted with litigation.
  4. The suitability of the company's internal business processes for managing records from a regulatory, business and legal perspective.

Upon completion of the assessment the company will have a custom prepared readiness plan of action that invokes response from all the major stakeholders necessary for a litigation response.

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