Data Recovery

Data Recovery can be a term interpreted in different ways. It is not data restoration which takes place when the user reads the contents of the storage medium in a normal way using the appropriate hardware and software. Data recovery is the use of different techniques that enable data to be retrieved from a storage medium that is otherwise not normally retrievable.

SullivanStrickler has over twenty years of experience involved in a variety of aspects of media development, restoration and recovery utilizing creative processes designed to gain access to data. Typical types of media that we can recover data from are:

  1. Hard Disk Drives from PC's, Mac's and NAS/SAN devices, including RAID systems
  2. BackUp Tape of all ages. Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix/Windows environments
  3. Optical platters such as Magneto-Optical devices and DVDís
  4. Other smaller storage mediums like flash memory and SD cards

Clients may require the data recovery skills and experience of SullivanStrickler under circumstances where data may not be recoverable due to the following:

  1. The data has been overwritten.
  2. The media has been exposed to extreme environments such as excessive temperature and/or humidity.
  3. The media has been exposed to sprinkler systems and is damp or contaminated in some way.
  4. The data has become corrupted.
  5. The original software is not available to restore data.
  6. The media has been damaged in some way.

SullivanStrickler often provides a "no fix no fee" arrangement for media that requires data recovery, and an estimate can be provided in advance. In situations where preparation work is required to even determine potential success there will be some upfront fees.

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