Data Migration

The movement of data from one location to another seems like it should be a relatively simple task. In certain instances it can be, but the Devil is often in the details. Clients require the migration of data for a variety of reasons, including situations where existing hardware, software or firmware is being phased out but the residing data must remain. It may be that the requirement to mine the data has evolved and greater analysis of the same data provides added value. The reasons can be varied.

Migration can be made complex by either the structure in which the data resides, or the structure in which it is planned to reside. The data itself is rarely a problem, be it ASCII, EBCDIC or some other structure. What does vary is the means by which the data is addressed and called upon. If data is backed-up with one software utility it is very likely that a different utility will not be able to restore the exact same data in the way it was originally written before the back-up. To migrate data, the challenge is often in the destination IT environment and existing software packages. Additional complexity can added by structures differing, such as flat files, databases, or images. Other considerations are the Operating Systems the applications employed to identify the location of the data, which of course must also be updated.

SullivanStrickler has incredible depth in understanding data structures, system environments, software and hardware environments. The level of depth goes to format cracking, writing code to trick the custodian repository of data into thinking that the application addressing it is the original environment which created the data, thereby enabling access to and migration of the data. We can determine database structures, and even identify backup and archive format types that were employed by looking at small amounts of the data wrapped around the files themselves. This makes us an ideal partner when migration of data is required.

Our staff has successfully worked on migration projects from mainframe to UNIX variations to Windows, and from flat file to HSM data to mail messages and more. It is just data and we can migrate it whether you are retiring legacy mainframes or upgrading messaging archives.

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