About SullivanStrickler

SullivanStrickler LLC was formed by Shawn Strickler and Brendan Sullivan. Mr. Strickler comes from a background in software development and design and spent his early business years as a consultant for Andersen Consulting (presently known as Accenture) and Oracle Corporation. Mr. Sullivan comes from a background in Electronics & Telecommunications, where he initially his career with backup tape development and production in Europe. Mr. Sullivan ran Anacomp Magnetics in the late 90's, part of a then Fortune 500 Company in Europe, before moving to the US to lead the division’s worldwide sales effort, which then totaled over $100m in annual revenues. At the same time, Mr. Strickler was working at different tech start- ups and early stage venture opportunities.

The two founders met in 2003 when Mr. Sullivan assumed the reigns as CEO of eMag Solutions and transitioned the company from a backup tape manufacturer to a tape and data services organization targeting the legal industry. Mr. Strickler was appointed as VP of Business Development and over the next several years they grew the service line to nearly $20m in sales and gained a reputation as the place to go for discovering data from backup tape environments. They both parted company with eMag Solutions in 2011, each having the desire to exert more control of their professional and creative destiny. They joined forces again nearly two years later to form SullivanStrickler LLC.

Our founders believe that a gap exists in the market to solve complex data problems prior to the data being truly utilized for maximum value through analytics, mining and discovery. They formed a company dedicated to more effective collection, culling, migrating and processing of data prior to use. The mission of SullivanStrickler is to be the place where partners, law firms and corporations go to prepare their critical data prior to their intended and best valued use, including:

  1. Support for all media types, including disk, tape, flash and optical
  2. Migration of data to more effectively mined archives
  3. Recovery of data when normal means fail to obtain the media’s content
  4. Safe disposal of data no longer required
  5. Pinpoint accurate culling and preparation of data to be used in the legal world

These are the areas where SullivanStrickler provide their clients massive value. SullivanStrickler is a Company that strives to make its advisory and service offerings mobile. It recognizes the increasing need and requirements of companies to satisfy their risk departments and hold their data as close as possible. Therefore while SullivanStrickler operates out of Austin, Atlanta and New York it also operates on the premises of their clients, when required.